International students are now eligible for PGWP even when studying 100% online abroad

In news on February 12, 2021, the Government of Canada announced that international students who complete their entire post-secondary program online will currently be eligible for a three-year open Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) upon graduation. Before this new planning, virtual learning could not come close to the PGWP application, but that has now changed.

Canada continues to show enthusiasm for the importance of global understudies to its post-pandemic financial recovery. This approach reaffirms its commitment to provide students worldwide with a distinctive pathway to permanent residency.

Students from foreign countries bring such a significant amount to Canada, offering more than $21 billion a year to its economy and supporting the essence of its networks. In 2019, more than 572,000 global understudies contributed $21 billion to the Canadian economy and supported 170,000 positions through education costs and expenses. Similarly, more than 58,000 graduates became Canadian permanent residents that year.

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“Whether as healthcare workers on the cutting edge of the pandemic or as the originators of the most inspiring new businesses, students from around the world are rewarding networks across Canada as we continue to fight the pandemic. Their status may be fickle, but international student commitments are permanent. This new arrangement means that students who expect to work in Canada after graduation will not miss out on favorable circumstances, while ensuring that Canada meets the pressing needs of our economy now and tomorrow. Our message to global interns and graduates is straightforward: We don’t need you to focus here; we need you to stay here.” Migration Minister Marco Mendicino

Essentially all migration programs require exceptionally respectable work insight and the PGWP is the most well-known route for students from all over the world to gain this experience. For example,

Government Express Entry
Quebec Experience Program
Provincial nomination programs
Include all deeply valued Canadian work knowledge and several projects require it.

On the other hand, the pandemic has brought a horde of challenges to the global education situation. The Canadian government has decided to help them get through this difficult time with a number of measures, including offering open work grants to previous global students who hold or have held a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP).

PGWP for Online Exams
This new approach will ensure that international students do not miss out on favorable circumstances due to the pandemic after graduation. With the possibility of numerous global understudies to continue with the Internet acquiring from abroad for several more months, the temporary changes in the PGWP program set up before the pandemic are also expanding and expanding.

These estimates will help students from around the world by ensuring that assessments completed external to Canada will be screened towards a future PGWP and allow students from around the world to complete their entire program online from abroad and still qualify for the PGWP. The measures apply to all global understudies who have chosen a PGWP-qualified program and meet any PGWP models.

These measures apply to all global understudies who
They are associated with a PGWP-qualified program
Started or will create a program in any semester from Spring 2020 to Fall 2021 or whose schedule was at that point in March 2020
Have a trial license or grant-of-investigation endorsement or apply for a trial grant before starting your program and are long-term confirmed
Complete all remaining PGWP measures

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